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Hoopoe Business Solutions gives business owners a full range of accounting and business consulting services. We care about your financial success!

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Basic Bookkeeping

For small businesses and nonprofits or startups (Sole Proprietorships or Single Member LLCs) with basic accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Monthly bookkeeping for up to 50 transactions.

  • Reconciling bank accounts

  • Quarterly financial reports.

  • Quarterly Sales Tax filing

  • Annual business tax filing (one federal and one state return).

  • Thirty minutes of email, phone, and video-conference support per month

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Economy Essentials

For growing businesses and nonprofits that require more than basic (essential) accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Everything in Basic Bookkeeping plus

    • Up To 150 Transactions per month

    • Monthly financial reports.

    • Monthly Sales Tax filing

    • Payroll

    • Budgeting

    • One hours of email, phone, and video-conference support per month

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Enhanced Essentials

For small-to-mid size businesses and nonprofits that require additional essential accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Everything in Economy Essentials plus:

    • Up To 250 Transactions per month

    • Payroll and HR

    • Invoicing

    • Spend Management

    • Financial Analysis

    • One annual strategy and tax planning session

    • Two hours of email, phone, and video-conference support per month

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Premium Portfolio

For established businesses and non-profits that require advanced accounting and strategic financial planning.

  • Everything in Enhanced Essentials plus:

    • Weekly bookkeeping for up to 150 Transactions

    • Weekly detailed financial reports and analysis.

    • Monthly tax planning and compliance checks.

    • Two hours of email, phone, and video-conference support per week

    • Quarterly strategy and tax planning session

Commitment Discounts

Discounts may be offered for longer-term commitments.

Customization and Flexibility

Packages can be tailored to fit the unique needs of each business, with the possibility of adjusting services and pricing as those needs evolve.

Additional Service

Any services required beyond the scope of the chosen package can be provided on an a la carte basis, with pricing agreed upon in advance.

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A La Carte


  • Customized for businesses with specialized or high-volume financial needs.

    • Custom bookkeeping and accounting solutions tailored to the client's needs.

    • Custom financial reporting and analysis (frequency as required).

    • Comprehensive tax strategy and filing support.

    • Monthly strategy sessions.

    • Advanced financial modeling, forecasting, and analysis.

    • Email, phone and video-conference support as needed.


  • Developing comprehensive planning documents that serve as serves as roadmaps for the business or nonprofit and is crucial for securing funding and guiding decision-making.

    • Business plans that outline the company's vision, mission, objectives, market analysis, competitive landscape, operational strategies, and financial projections

    • Case statements for nonprofits that include a compelling narrative that outlines an organization's mission, vision, goals, emphasizes the organization's unique value proposition - differentiating it from other entities with similar goals, and the specific initiatives for which it seeks support, typically from donors, investors, or other stakeholders and

    • Annual development plans for nonprofits that outline a year-long roadmap aimed at achieving specific short-term goals that align with long-term strategic objectives for structured growth, operational improvements, and enhanced sustainability within a fiscal year.


  • Providing expert advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and organizations looking to establish new businesses and nonprofit organizations to ensure legal compliance, operational efficiency, and strategic alignment with the business's goals.

    • Determining legal structure

    • Registering the business name

    • Obtaining a federal EIN (Employer Identification Number)

    • FiNCEN reporting

    • Applying for tax-exemption status

    • Registering for state and local taxes

    • Securing any necessary licenses and permits.


  • Assisting in developing a human resources framework

    • Evaluating staffing requirements

    • Defining roles and responsibilities

    • Developing job descriptions, hiring processes, employee handbooks

    • Compliance with labor laws

    • Setting up payroll systems


  • Preparing and submitting required business and nonprofit annual reports to state authorities

    • Ensuring good standing and avoiding potential penalties for non-compliance.

    • Providing information about the company's activities, financial status, and compliance with state regulations over the past year.


  • Setting up the infrastructure of the business or nonprofit, including procurement of essential technology and software to align with the business’s operational needs and goals.

    • Subscription selection

    • Account setup

    • Configuration and customization

    • Data importation

    • Integration

    • Testing

    • Launching,

    • Going live

    • Training and learning


  • Providing advisory services to help businesses and nonprofits navigate growth challenges, adapt to changes, and make strategic decisions.

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